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The government recently announced that the Feed-in Tariff (FiTs) will be reduced from 12 December 2011.

Friday 27th January 2012 - By Yaron Reuveny

In 2010 there was a rare degree of agreement between all political parties on a revolutionary approach to how we power our lives. Instead of relying on large scale fossil fuel power stations, energy would increasingly be generated by decentralised local energy technologies. Power was to be put in the hands of the people! The Feed-in Tariff was the mechanism to do so.

The future of Solar Power in the UK. After weeks of uncertainty

Friday 27th January 2012 - By Yaron Reuveny

The future of Solar Power in the UK. After weeks of uncertainty and a mess of legal challenges over the latest Feed in Tariff (FIT) review for solar PV, the Government has finally provided a definitive deadline of 3rd March 2012 for when the proposed cuts to the FIT for solar PV will take effect. This opens up yet another window of opportunity for home owners and businesses to get their solar PV installations completed. However, this time round the potential benefits are massively increased due to the significant further drops in PV prices we have already observed since the previous December 12 deadline. Under the un-cut current FIT rates we are now seeing staggering Return on Investment (ROI) figures reaching the magic 20% mark. And even with the proposed FIT cuts taking effect, in the unlikely case that DECC win their legal appeal against the previous High Court ruling declaring their FIT consultation illegal, attractive ROI's of around 10% are still achievable. If you are ready to move forward now, we would argue that there has never been a better time for this! Contact us to make use of our FREE supported service which we will help you gain a good quality installer who will guarantee to get your installation up and running prior to March 3rd!!! www.solarpowerintl.co.uk. Or call 01300 345668 We are also creating now few new BULK PURCHASE GROUPS that will utilise our consumer powers to achieve the best rates of return for our customers in the south west! Joining a purchase group is completely FREE and with a time frame commitment. For more details and FREE registration visit us at THE OLD SAW MILL MIDDLEMARSH DT9 5QW our web site at www.solarpowerintl.co.uk. Or call 01300 345668


Monday 28th November 2011 - By Yaron Reuveny

The Reason behind the fuss:-

The money to pay for the FIT scheme is being raised by taxing the major energy suppliers. Not surprisingly they raise the revenue by charging all their customers more for their electricity.

Now the energy suppliers and the government have got to together and decided to reduce the FITs early even though electricity prices could soar by up to 60% over the next five years according to Ofgems latest statistics.

So they increase prices to balance out the FITs but now reduce the Fits and still increase the prices.

How is that fair?

At Solar Power Intl we have come up with a solution so you can still gain a high interest return.

We can supply an installed and commissioned 4 kWp solar PV system for £9,995 inc VAT giving you a return of 9.42% if you are a low user and 10.03% if you a high user.


Example based on a 50% onsite consumption.



Electrical Generation

Value of energy

CO2 emissions saved

Energy used onsite

1,648 kWh/year

£199 at 12.06p per kWh

0.87 tonnes

Energy exported

1,648 kWh/year

£51 at 3.10p per kWh

0.87 tonnes

Feed-in Tariff (FIT)

3,296 kWh/year

£692 at 21.00p per kWh




Largest Roof Top Installation Completed By SOLAR POWER Intl

Wednesday 7th September 2011 - By Yaron Reuveny

A stunning 100KWP Suntech system was commission on the 15/07/2011 by SOLAR POWER Intl.

the installation will provide Berryfield Farm near Coventry 67% of energy demand.

How the FIT makes Solar PV an exciting investment for home-owners

Thursday 7th April 2011 - By Yaron Reuveny


If your bank was to offer you a £1000 every year for the next 25 years in return for an investment of £12,500 you would say yes in a heartbeat. This is the deal on offer if Solar Power Intl. were to install a solar PV system on your property before the 1st April 2012. Not only is this income tax free and index linked, it can also protect you from future energy price hikes and shortages.


The government backed feed-in tariff scheme for renewable energy producers has transformed the world of solar power from something that was once just an environmental opportunity to an economical one as well.


So how does it work? The scheme is financed by us (the UK electricity consumer) paying a small levy on our conventional electricity bills. The tariffs are available to anyone who has a system installed and commissioned by an MCS accredited company such as Solar Power Intl. The feed-in tariff scheme can then be made available through licensed electricity suppliers based across the UK.


It broadly works like this. Solar Power Intl. installs a set of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels on your roof at a typical cost of £12,500. Subsequently as a solar power generator you will receive a generation tariff of 41.3p for every unit of electricity that it generates). The even better news is that this tariff will rise to 43.3p per Kwh generated as of the 1st April. In real terms this could amount to a total of £1,170 a year.


You can then use all the free, clean electricity produced by the system during daylight hours. This will lead to a further saving likely to exceed £250 a year by substituting for the electricity that you would otherwise have to buy from the national grid. The value of this saving is likely to increase year on year as the cost of conventional supplies continues to rise.


Any electricity that is generated and not used because you are not at home will get ‘exported’ to the national grid and sold for an additional 3p per unit. Based on the assumption that 25% of the electricity generated is exported back to the grid an additional £20 per annum will be received. This is known as the export tariff.


In simple terms- households with a solar PV system could expect to make a total annual revenue and saving of £1,440. What this means is that households with a Solar PV installation can expect to recover the initial cost of their installation within 7-9 years. For the remaining 18-16 years that the feed-in tariff scheme is secured for households can expect to profit from both the savings and the income.


According to Jasmine Birtles, personal finance expert, ‘Installing solar panels will create a regular, tax-free income for homeowners. Not only that but the income is index linked and guaranteed by the government for 25 years. As it typically gives returns of 5-8% it’s potentially far better than most current bond or gilt investments. It is also a great way to keep your electricity bills down’.


It is also worth mentioning that solar PV systems can increase the value of your property or land. According to Michael Holmes, spokesperson for the National Home Improvement Show, Solar PV systems will increase the value by up to five per cent. After all, a solar powered home allows the buyer to inherit both an income and a lower energy bill.


At Solar Power Intl. we work with building owners and agents through every stage of the process from design and development to the installation and maintenance, delivering both large and small scale PV projects which provide the best possible financial and environmental return to our customers. The company will manage the connection of your PV system with the chosen utility company to ensure that revenue is being generated from the feed-in-tariff. Revenues will accrue to the system owner once the system is operational. 

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