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Domestic solar panel installation Domestic and commercial solar installations - Dorset, Somerset, Hampshire, Wiltshire Domestic and commercial solar installations - Dorset, Somerset, Hampshire, Wiltshire

Domestic Solar Panel Installations

Generate green, free electricity whilst receiving the government’s generous Feed-in tariff payments for 20 years! Installing a solar PV system to your property not only reduces your current electricity bill considerably but also protects you from ever rising electricity prices. In addition to this your energy provider will buy back 50% of the electricity generated regardless of whether you export it back to the local grid or if you use it yourself!

Homeowners Plug into the Sun

Installing Solar PV on your property will allow homeowners to become mini electricity generators. Solar PV modules are usually made from silicon and other materials that can produce an electric current when it is exposed to daylight.

Installing domestic solar photovoltaic panels

A domestic Solar PV array comprises of PV modules which can either be 'roof-mounted' or 'built-in'.

'Roof-mounted' PV is the most cost effective and commonly used Solar PV installation method used on existing homes. These systems are mounted onto existing household roofs using brackets that are then attached to rafters. The modules are then attached to this frame leaving the roof in its original state underneath the Solar PV array.

'Built-in' Solar PV on the other hand can be installed as an alternative to a roof surface. The options with these systems vary from PV tiles, or larger modules that can be mounted to a waterproofed fixing system. 'Built-in' installations are particularly popular with new-builds, extensions or when home owners are re-tiling their roofs and opt into a Solar PV installation as a cost effective alternative to a full tile replacement. This option can also appeal to customers based on their aesthetics alone.


The Choice is yours

In both cases there is a wealth of options to make when it comes to deciding between different types of Solar PV modules. At Solar Power Intl we endeavor to make every option as clear and relevant as possible ensuring that our specialist advice is relevant to each customers particular budget, property and location.


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