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Commercial Solar Panel Installations

A commercial grid-connected solar photovoltaic (PV) system provides clean renewable energy during the daytime as well as a high return on investment (ROI) for micro generators thanks to the feed-in tariff scheme.

The solar electric system can be integrated into every type of building. Whether your business is on a commercial industrial estate, an office building or farm, a solar panel installation offers businesses and land owners the opportunity to generate an additional income. It is an investment that can secure long term income and a long term energy supply from space that is otherwise left unutilised without compromising time or labour.

The average internal return rates for larger solar PV investments are often over and above 12% which means that within 7-8 years the cost of the systems will be redeemed through the feed-in tariff payments and savings on electricity bills. Businesses can then continue to earn hard cash from solar power for an additional 12 years.

Free solar systems are also available.

Advantages of the photovoltaic (PV) solar technology:

Who are Solar Power Intl's typical customers?

Any commercial body, institution or community that wishes to join the green energy revolution. Previous clients have included small businesses, factories, garages, hospitals, schools, government facilities such as public toilets, farms and others.

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How to proceed with a solar energy project?

We offer one to one or group consultations about a solar PV investment for anyone who is interested. These give us the opportunity to evaluate your site and you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the investment potential and your options for Solar PV.

Booking a consultation with Solar Power Intl will allow you to:

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