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Solar Power Intl Ltd was established in 2003 thanks to a breakthrough in PV technology that allows us system designers to provide our customers with the most efficient & cost effective solar energy systems.

In the UK the feed-in tariff scheme makes an investment in solar PV not only an environmentally viable option but an exciting financial investment as well.

Solar Power Intl is dedicated to deliverying highly efficient, cost effective design solutions. We install and integrate all kinds of solar energy systems.

As an MCS (Micro-generation Certification Scheme) accredited company and as members of the REA (Renewable Energy Association) we are fully qualified to provide our customers with the highest quality customer service along with the highest efficiency Solar PV installations in the UK.

Solar Power Intl. provides its customers with a close support service, a choice of solutions, as well as consultancy and training services. The systems that Solar Power Intl. install are individually designed to be efficient, cost-effective and reliable and are all composed using the finest components which are consistently tested under high quality standards.

Check our installations page for the efficient solar PV systems we have installed in Dorset, Somerset, Wiltshire and Hampshire.

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